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We are all culture-makers. The notion of a 'universally correct culture' belongs to the colonial imagination. We belong here, in the culture we shape together. 

Through producing, mentoring and fundraising, my work focuses on access and building capacity with those who have been historically excluded from the arts. This means process over product, always. 

Inclusive Tamil Arts

I founded Inclusive Tamil Arts in 2020. ITA is an artistic workshop space for people of all genders and sexualities to create and celebrate Tamil arts and culture. ITA is supported by Arts Council England and African Health Policy Network. We received the London Faith & Belief Community Award for Promoting Inclusion. 

My mentoring practice asks: How do we centre and collaborate with those erased by white, cis, ableist supremacy to build accessible, anti-racist places of work?

As a mentor, I expect to learn, unlearn and grow alongside mentees. 
​I am a mentor with Drawing Room and have previously worked with Sour Lemons and IntoUniversity.


I fundraise for arts/education projects that seek to support historically marginalised communities, including Mainspring Arts, Decolonising Contraception, Inclusive Tamil Arts and ThisEgg.

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